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Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Board Approved Budget

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Board Approved Budget

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98C Learning Loss Grant




23G MI Kids Back-on-Track

MICIP 23G Strategy Information

To request additional assistance through the MI Kids Back-On-Track program please contact the school directors at


Current Bargaining Agreements - None

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans 

Chatfield Management Corporation, the employer of all persons working at Chatfield School, offers a benefit package to its full time, contract staff.  The package of benefits includes health, dental, vision, term life, and long-term-disability.  In addition most employees are able to participate in a 401k retirement plan.

Audited Financial Statements

Employee Compensation Information

District Paid Association Fees

  • Michigan Association of Public School Academies--Annual Membership $1,284.00
  • Michigan School Business Officials-  1 Annual Membership $135.00
  • Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association- Annual Membership $375.00

District Paid Lobbying Costs

  • None

Chatfield School Credit Card Listing

District Paid Out of State Travel.

  • None

Chatfield School has no Deficit Elimination Plan because the school is not in a deficit position

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 Freedom of Information Act House Bill 4001

Title IX Policy

Title IX

Coordinator Matt Young 810-667-8970 or

Investigators Matt Young 810-6678970 or

          Ann Schwieman 810-664-5917 or

Decision Maker William Kraly 810-667-8970 or

Informal Resolution Facilitator Elizabeth Kress 810-667-8970

Appeals Officer Ann Schwieman 810-664-5917 or

Office Address

 231 Lake Drive 

Lapeer MI 48446


Title IX Training Provided By Thrun Law

Procurement of Supplies

 Accounts Payable Check Register

 Expense Reimbursement Policy

Pesticide Notification Procedures

Educator Evaluation System Posting and Assurances

-Teachers (Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching)

  •  Training Intergrated into District-Provided PD
  • Administrators Training using Teachscape Focus for Observers 
  • Assurances Link  -Charlotte Danielson

 -Administrators (MASB)

  •  Training Intergrated into Board PD
  • Board Training by MASB
  • Assurances Link -School ADvance