Partners in Education

Please see the school newsletter for opportunities to help out with P.I.E.  We need you!

Our next P.I.E. meeting is TBA

What is P.I.E.?

P.I.E. stands for Partners in Education. P.I.E. is Chatfield's parent partnership organization, similar to PTA, PTO or PTC at other schools, but like Chatfield School itself, different and unique in many ways. The goal is to foster partnership between parents and Chatfield School.  All parents and staff are welcome and encouraged to participate in P.I.E. meetings and activities. P.I.E. leadership is committee based.

P.I.E. strives to introduce new parents into the Chatfield community and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved. We work to provide unique learning activities for Chatfield students and families. A goal of each meeting is to offer topical and informative speakers/educational opportunities to help with the challenges that we all face as parents of school-age children.

Traditionally, P.I.E. has financially supported the school by providing a set amount of funds to each classroom to help defray the cost of field trips and/or to help provide additional supplies to enhance the learning environment. In addition, in the past P.I.E. has also helped in supporting larger projects on the Chatfield campus such as purchasing computers, playground equipment, a climbing wall, etc. We hope to continue this practice for the 2020-2021 school year.

P.I.E. encourages Chatfield families to participate in programs like "Target", "Office Depot", "Box Tops for Education" and "Dine to Donate" that through generous corporate programs allow families to help raise funds for P.I.E., simply by spending money they are likely to be spending anyways.  Acting on feedback from parents, P.I.E. is looking to expand these types of opportunities.

We invite you to come to P.I.E. meetings and share your thoughts and ideas.