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Chatfield School participates in the National and State School Meal Program. Every meal served is required to meet state and federal nutrition guidelines. The State and National School Meal Program allows our families and students the opportunity to enjoy free breakfast and lunch everyday.   Please note that if a student purchases only a milk or they purchase two milks with a lunch they must pay for the milk.  One free milk is provided for those students that get the lunch or breakfast meal.  The cost of milk is 50 cents. 

Every morning during attendance the homeroom teacher tallies who is ordering a hot lunch that day and turns that total into the office. We have to call our lunch count into Chartwells by 8:50am. Any student arriving after 8:50 am will need to bring a bag lunch. 

Students do not need to pre-order breakfast.  Breakfast is served in the school lobby from 8:00am to 8:20am each day. 

We appreciate the opportunity to provide our students with a healthy, nutritious, breakfast option and hot lunch. If you have any questions please contact Ann DeLong, Lunch Coordinator at 810-667-8970.

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Ann DeLong, Lunch Coordinator