Academic Support

The Chatfield community is dedicated to the academic success of each student.  We provide various levels and methods of academic support.

Differentiated Instruction 

A foundational cornerstone of the Chatfield instructional program is providing targeted instruction that meets the individual needs of each student.  As part of the program each grade level has a teaching assistant that provides instructional support and enrichment to the daily lessons.  Additionally, Chatfield provides various para-professionals, consultants, and instructional coaches to provide the support every student needs to achieve success.

Tutoring Programs 

Chatfield teachers as well as support staff, National Junior Honors Society students, and community members provide free and tuition based tutoring for students.  Chatfield is proud to partner with Lapeer Family Literacy that provides tutoring support in the school building.  

Response to Intervention and Data Analysis

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with unique learning and/or behavior needs. The RTI process begins with high-quality instruction and universal screening of all children in the general education classroom.  Continual and purposeful data analysis is another critical component of our quality RTI program.  Instructional coaches provide quality intervention strategies and support. 

Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative

The Adolescent Accelerated Reading Initiative (AARI) is an initiative focused on academic literacy designed to bring Elementary (Grades 3-5), Middle, and High School students to grade level quickly. By providing targeted small group instruction students develop skills to think about and process challenging text.  AARI philosophies and strategies are based on state of the art literacy research.

Math Squared

Math Squared is a Chatfield designed intervention course for students in need of additional support or background knowledge in mathematics.  Students work on building up the skills and mathematical reasoning that they need to be successful at their grade level.  The program utilizes research based, best practices and unique learning materials and tools.

Targeted Title One and At-Risk Services

The Chatfield School utilizes state and federal funds to provide critical additional support to students.






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Mrs. Christie Jelneck, Reading Specialist/Consultant

Mrs. Julia Schlusler, Math Specialist

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