3rd Grade

The third grade is an important place for learning and growing as readers. We focus on learning to become close and careful readers and writers. Our students are continuing to become better writers and producing persuasive, informational, and narrative quality paragraphs. We enjoy reading to and sharing our love for reading with our students.


In science, we focus on four units that allow for several hands on activities. 

-Our first unit focuses on weather and climate. We will look closely at weather patterns and students will learn how they can predict future weather patterns. We will also look at the impact climate and weather have on different places on Earth.

-Our second unit focuses on force and motion. We will study invisible forces through magnets and studying bridge designs. This unit will also be the focus of our science fair project.

-Our third unit focuses on plants. We will look closely at how plants reproduce through the process of pollination and fruiting.

-Our last unit focuses on animal habitats and heredity. We will look at fossils and find evidence of how animals have changed over time.


In Social Studies, we are learning about early Michigan. The students will learn about the Native American tribes that settled in Michigan. We take the students through the process of Michigan becoming a state. We will also look at how the economy and resources in Michigan played a role in the early settlements. They are learning through multi-media sources and exploring actual artifacts. 

In Math we are using the Bridges in Mathematics program This program will help us meet the new standards and make math meaningful and exciting. We will focus on multiplication, fractions, and area. 

The third grade continues to maintain the Little Free Library in front of the school. They are learning how to organize literature and to see the importance of offering free literature to the members of our community. Please visit our Free Little Library, as there is literature of all genres and for all ages.