Physical Education

Physical Education includes regular exercise routines as well as learning cooperative games, sport skills, social skills and teamwork in addition to sportsmanship.  The emphasis for physical education at Chatfield is to incorporate physical activity and personal fitness as an essential routine within one's daily activities and to fully understand how a routine can lead to an individual's health.

Physical Education courses include age-appropriate activities designed to promote the psychomotor and affective development of students in team, individual, fitness, and rhythmic experiences.  An emphasis is placed upon on the development of basic and advanced skills while emphasizing strategy in more highly organized activities and controlled competitive situations.  Physical Education units typically include team building, archery, soccer, bowling, flag football, badminton, volleyball, basketball, adventure education, fitness, track, lacrosse, floor hockey, golf, disc golf, and softball.  Cutting-edge activities and games also included within the physical education curriculum include Spikeball, Ultimate, Speedball, Speed Stacking, and Dodgebee.

Additional Physical Education courses offered within the middle school curriculum are Winter Outdoor Adventure, Team Sports, and Individual Sports.