5th Grade

We will be learning many new and exciting concepts during the second half of the year. Students will learn about the following:

  • In literacy, students will be reading various texts and use skills such as; cause/effect, word choice, author’s purpose, drawing conclusions, main ideas/details. Students will also analyzing texts or reading informational text to make inferences.

  • In book club, we will read The Watson's go to Birmingham-1963. This book is told from the perspective of a ten year old boy as he travels with his African American family from Flint to Birmingham, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement.

  • In science, we will be learning about the phases of matter and also matter and energy in the ecosystem.

  • In social studies, we will be learning about colonization, the events that led to the American Revolution, and the American Revolution.

  • In writing, we will be writing a research paper about a historical figure from the American Revolution. We will focus gathering information from various sources, organization of informational reading, as well as the editing and revision process. We hope to use this research to create a speech about the historical figure to share with others.