4th Grade

 Welcome to fourth grade! We are very excited for a great 2019-2020 school year.We will be learning many new and fun concepts this year. 

Below is a link to some fun educational websites that your child may enjoy. Also, in the class notes, there is a link to a letter about logging into Prodigy- a fun educational math game- using our class code. 

Educational Websites and Games 


  • In science, we are beginning to learn about the input and output systems of the human brain. Students will explore the nervous system and how our brain receives and responds to messages. .

  • In social studies, we are beginning our immigration and migration unit. Students will explore the push and pull factors of immigration. They will also explore migration across the United States throughout history. Lastly, students will learn about slavery and the Underground Railroad. 

  • In reading, we are beginning to explore traditional literature and discuss the elements and themes in stories. 

  • In writing, we are beginning to explore writing a summary and editing for specific language usage skills. 

  • In math, we are beginning to explore fractions and decimals. We will be writing equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions and decimals.