Physical Education 

The Chatfield Physical Education Program provides students with a planned, sequential, K-12 standards-based program of curricula and instruction designed to develop motor skills, knowledge and behaviors for active living, physical fitness, sportsmanship, self-efficacy and emotional intelligence.



The Elementary Art Education Program provides opportunities for each student to explore hands-on art experiences utilizing a wide variety of art mediums and techniques. Art education classes encourage and are essential to developing critical and creative problem-solving skills.



The technology program at the Chatfield School is designed to prepare students for 21st Century learning while participating in activities aligned with the curriculum. Primary grade students participate in various developmentally appropriate projects.They use Painting software, word processing, and a variety of digital tools to convey original ideas and illustrate concepts. Students in the upper elementary build upon the previous years’ skills as they participate in projects such as blogs, digital storytelling, presentations and various research projects. These students also begin using a Google Apps for Education account so that they are well prepared for our middle school’s one to one laptop program. Digital Citizenship is an important component of our technology program at the Chatfield School. Lessons are taught at all grade levels.



The Spanish program at Chatfield is designed to expose students to the Spanish language and culture. Students will acquire language-learning strategies in addition to basic vocabulary and conversational skills. The lessons are designed to create positive attitudes about the language and culture and inspire students to continue language learning.



The music program at Chatfield exposes students to a wide variety of music, styles, rhythms, and sounds. They learn to create their own music in many different ways, as well as performing many styles. Students will also have the opportunity to grow in many different performing groups, such as Band, Choir and Musical Theater. This program is designed to give students many different opportunities to perform.




Mr. Nick Lange, Art



Mr. Keith Corbett, Music



Mr. Lowell Boyle, Physical Education



Mrs. Kristi Huestis, Technology



Lindsey Conner, Spanish