4th Grade

Welcome to fourth grade! We are very excited for a great 2021-2022 school year. We will be learning many new and fun concepts this year. 

Below is a link to some fun educational websites that your child may enjoy. Also, in the class notes, there is a link to a letter about logging into Prodigy- a fun educational math game- using our class code. 

Educational Websites and Games 


  • In science, we will begin the year learning about the processes that shape the Earth. We will explore the three types of rocks, the rock cycle, weathering, erosion, and volcanoes. We will be visiting For Mar this fall and learning about being a Geologist. 

  • In social studies, we will begin by studying our government. Students will learn about the purpose of government, the three branches of our federal and state government, and the balance of powers within our government. We will visit our state capitol in the fall. 

  • In reading, we will begin the school year by character traits and how a character's actions, thoughts, and words affect the story. We will also practice supporting our inferences with evidence from the text.  In read aloud, students will discuss point of view will finishing the Sarah, Plain, and Tall series and how the character's point of view, actions, thoughts, and words affect the story.

  • In writing, students will begin the year learning about informational writing. They will be writing biography about a person in their life. They will focus on the writing process, researching through interviews, organization of a paragraph and sentence structure. 

  • In math, students will begin by review multiplication strategies. They will begin to practice comparative multiplication and using strategies to complete for complex word problems.