Virtual School Information

The Chatfield Virtual Academy is a unique pathway to student learning. The mission of CVA aligns with the Chatfield mission and philosophy, to partner with parents to provide quality, individualized learning experiences to help students be successful in today’s world. Centered on Calvert Learning complete elementary online curriculum for full time students, CVA offers the youngest learners a well-rounded, high-quality education, along with greater ownership over their learning, which is one of the first steps in developing a lifelong desire to learn.

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The enrollment period for this program is closed.

Why Chatfield Virtual Academy?

  • Participate in a high quality online learning program while having the flexibility of homeschool and the peace of mind that students are working at an appropriate learning pace and with a challenging curriculum.

  • The Calvert Learning Curriculum is a research-based curriculum designed to engage and enthuse learners.

  • Students and parents work together with an enthusiastic Chatfield mentor.

  • Students will have special access to the Chatfield Willows Ecology Center and programs.

  • Students will have the opportunity to participate in Chatfield bands, athletics, and several extra-curricular activities.

  • Students that complete 8th grade at CVA will have access to the Saginaw Valley State University Public School Academy scholarship program.

  • Chatfield Virtual Academy is focused on the Chatfield mission to partner with students and parents to provide the best educational opportunities for students.

The CVA program operates under the following parameters:
  • Parents partner with CVA to provide a home learning experience for their child(ren) using Edmentum’s Calvert Learning Curriculum.

  • Chatfield provides the required technology and schedules students into appropriate online courses for full time and monitors students’ attendance and participation.

  • Each student has an assigned Chatfield mentor that serves as a guide for the student and provides support as students complete online courses.

  • Course completion timelines, while flexible from day to day, will follow the Chatfield School calendar.

  • Each student participates in in-person Ecology studies held at the Willows Ecology Center with Chatfield staff. Dates and requirements of this program will be flexible.

  • Students participate in state assessments as assigned by the Michigan Department of Education at the Chatfield campus (M-STEP).

  • The student is considered a Michigan public school full time student enrolled at CVA.